Bible Questions and Answers #1
As asked on the Saints e-mail list
Wording of questions is keyed to KJV

Questions 1-8
1. Jesus spoke of improper dishwashing in Matthew 23. Who spoke of the habits of a man wiping a dish? Find the scripture.

2.  Before Israel ever had asked for a king, God knew that they would do so, and stated three specific things that the king should not have large amounts of. Name these three things, and give the reference.  (In the same text God instructed that the king should write a copy of the law, read it all his life, etc. so he would prosper as a king.)

3. (Sequel to # 2) God warned that Israel would ask for a king, so as to be like other nations, and the king was instructed to write the law and read it as long as he was king. Though many kings violated some of these prohibitions, who is best known for complete ignoring of these things. Give evidence on each of the three items, with scripture.

4. What kind of person is specifically pointed out in the Bible as not yet knowing as much as he should, but not being aware of his lack of knowledge?

5. What kind of addiction seems to be commended in the Blble? (KJV wording)

6. The question was: "Where is an aggressive sheep which picks on the weaker sheep described, as a picture of the oppression of God's people and their need for being saved by God?"

7. One book of the Bible has several references to the 13th day of a month as a day in which a decree of death to the Jews was written and sealed. The decree was to be carried out on the 13th of another month. The Jews were able to defend themselves against the death decree, and established a celebration of their victory. Give the days of the month when the celebration was held, and the name of the celebration. (Give reference for both the dates and name of celebration

8. A man of God was mistakenly mis-identified as an Egyptian who led a huge gang of murderers. Who is he, and what is the reference?

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