Parental Influence in the Life of Jesus

by Ken Thomas

   The teaching and example of parents has a great influence on the probability of children having the proper priorities. Children from homes where parents have little spiritual interest have a great disadvantage to overcome.

   In the early life of Jesus the influence of Mary and Joseph is very evident. They set the example of keeping the law of God ( Luke 2:24,27,39). They went to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover ( Luke 2:41) in spite of the fact that Jesus was on the first of several children in the family. Jesus and his brothers and sisters did not have to wonder if worship was important. The parents proved it to them by their example. Little wonder, then, that at the age of twelve Jesus was actively engaged in discussion with the teachers of the law, amazing them with his questions and answers ( Luke 2:46-47). His priority, to be about his Father's business was not only because he realized his purpose for being on earth. It was reinforced by the training and example in his home. Mary and Joseph had not only provided for Jesus' physical, mental, and social growth, but also for spiritual growth as he few in favor with God ( Luke 2:52).

   Parents today need to teach their children at home by word and example.


The above article appeared in the Mt. Juliet Messenger on January 8, 1989