Ken Thomas - Math Links


 Order of Operations - student tutorial

 Help for algebra students and hints for pleasing your teacher.

 B. J. Pinchbeck's links for educational web-sites in many subjects.
A young man (BJ) and his father began assembling this site when BJ 
was just a child

 The Cow in the Classroom (Geometric shapes)

 Abbott and Costello - Wacky Math  (Funny uses of math in comedy routine.)

 Famous Problems. . .the Bridges of Konigsberg. . .the value of Pi. . .and 
many others. Also Famous Paradoxes on the same site. Prime numbers and the 
sieve of Eratosthenes

 Famous mathematician listed by name, date, gender, country of origin, etc. 
Posters (pictures) of some mathematicians

 Selected mathematicians - reports by middle school students in Florida

 Chronological list of Mathematicians

 Mathematicians related to non-Euclidean geometry - Georg Riemann, Janos 
Bolyai, Johann Dirichlet, Jules Poincare, Karl Gauss, Nikolai Lobachevsky

 Paper models (patterns) for various geometric 3-D figures